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Join A Community Action Circle 

Community Action Circles (CAC) serve as a way to practice gathering online to take collective action together as well as a training-by-doing for leaders of State Action Networks, congregations, and local accompaniment groups who are eager to experiment with new tools for helping community members feel connected and motivated to concrete actions from grassroots partners. 

This has been an iterative process that we have learned from other organizers and are eager to keep adapting for different groups’ needs, including youth groups, and groups working justice issues related to criminalization, immigration, and/ or climate justice. 

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  • Wed

    Resocializing for the Revolution

    7:00-8:15 PM ESTTBD - online

    We are all having an experience of living through massive social changes. Whether you are taking to the streets, working inwardly, or working within institutions to confront the behaviors, ideas, and structures that uphold systems of oppression, taking time for reflection is vital to our long term commitment. Regularly reconstructing our narrative about our goals and theories of change, especially when done within a community of support, can make the difference between long term engagement versus quick burn out.

    Join UUCSJ program leader Claudia Espinel and UUCSJ staff member Gina Collignon for this 75 minute workshop to develop tools that will help you reflect on your experience with direct actions, understand your physical and emotional reactions, and increase awareness and flexibility towards your worldview.

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