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Partner Centered Planning

Partner Centered Planning

“I plan my calendar a year out.” This is what I often hear from people considering a CSJ program. “I plan my calendar a year out, so I need to know when the dates are sooner.” From co-workers in my office I hear: “Ministers, especially, need to plan their year in...

Super Charge Your Congregation’s Work for Justice!

This is the basic framework of questions around which CSJ trainings, workshops, webinars, and resources are developed. They continue to be our focus as we consider new offerings that can contribute to the Love Resists campaign.


What do our values and our faith ask of us, in this political landscape?  How do we choose wisely and effectively among the many causes in which we might engage?


Who else is working on this issue in our area, with whom we can join our efforts? What movement groups around us draw leadership from those directly impacted by the systems we hope to change?


What skills, gifts, and resources do we bring to this endeavor? How can we best organize ourselves in order to channel our capacity most powerfully for this cause?


How will we sustain ourselves for the long haul, and stay  grounded in our faith and values? How can we speak and act from those values to inspire others to join us and build the movement?  


How shall we engage in reflection on our successes and mistakes, so we learn and improve? How can we measure progress toward our goals, and be clear-sighted about the impact we’re having?

Current UUCSJ Workshops

Saying Yes and Saying No

At a time when so much of what we value is under attack, it’s hard to know how best to channel our time and energy. We often try to do it all, and as a result our efforts end up being “a mile wide and an inch deep”. This workshop is built around a centering and discernment practice that helps us say “no” in order to empower our “yes”.

Faith in Action: Organizing Effective Justice Ministry Teams

In a political climate hostile to human rights, environmental protection, and even to the truth, we want to show up and speak out in ways that will make a difference. This workshop explores how we can better organize ourselves in order to harness the power at the intersection of faith and justice

Speaking Justice in the Language of Our Faith

In today’s charged political climate, progressive communities of faith have a unique opportunity to elevate fundamental values that cut across many political differences. But to do this well, we need to be comfortable speaking in language deeply grounded in those values. This workshop introduces practices that help us articulate our justice concerns in the values of our faith.

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