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Critical Connections in the UU Universe

Did you know that there are twenty-two established UU State Action Networks (SANs) and more forming as we speak (find out if your state has a SAN here)? Did you know that there is a Coalition of Unitarian Universalist State Action Networks (CUUSAN) that acts as a...

Migration is a Human Right- A message from Kathleen McTigue

Despite all that we already knew about the profound injustices inflicted on migrants and asylum seekers by current government practices, we have been stunned by the details emerging in news reports during the past few weeks. They document the horrific conditions in...

Many religious liberals are comfortable bringing justice issues into our practice of faith, as when a sermon or worship service focuses on a problem of social inequality. If asked, we often say that our religious values inspire our activism or actions in the public sphere. Yet we are often reluctant to make this connection publically by framing our justice convictions in the language of our faith.

Spiritual practices inspire and sustain many of us in commitments to social justice, and when we draw on our moral and religious grounding, the language we use to speak our justice convictions can be much more powerful. The resources on this page may be of use to you or your community in thinking about and practicing how to become more fluent in linking spirituality and social justice.

  • Reclaiming Prophetic Witness by Paul Rasor was selected for the 2014-15 UUA Common Read.  A study guide is available for you to explore these ideas more fully with a community circle or with your congregation.
  • Talk the Walk: Speaking Justice in the Language of our Faith. Offered at the UUA General Assembly in June 2015, this video explores how we can bring our justice commitments into deeper conversation with our spiritual lives, and learn to speak our convictions in the language of our faith. Rev. Kathleen McTigue and Rev. Lindi Ramsden.


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