Hurricane Disaster Relief

The UU College of Social Justice is closely monitoring developments on the ground in both Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico as communities begin to assess the damage and map their way forward. In the coming weeks and months we will be in close touch with our colleagues at the UUA and UUSC, with grassroots partners on the ground, and with the affected UU communities. 

Our role will be determining where and when volunteers from outside the area can usefully contribute to recovery, and then helping to coordinate cohorts of volunteers. As a first step we are collecting information on skills and availability of those who would like to help. We take our lead from the affected communities themselves, as it can be destructive, and disruptive, to send groups of unskilled volunteers to an area before their efforts can be put to good use, even when they arrive with the best of intentions. We ask for your patience as the communities most impacted figure out what they most need, and what skills can be of use in the long months of rebuilding ahead.

We are currently planning to pilot a journey to Houston next month in partnership with a local organization equipped to manage volunteers and put them to work! That said, UUCSJ journeys aren’t solely focused on service; it’s important for participants to learn about the injustices faced by affected communities to support in creating sustainable change over time. During our pilot journey, participants will be meeting with local grassroots organizations to learn about their rebuilding and support efforts, and how individuals from around the country can support those efforts.

Join us in Houston!

Following the pilot in March, our intention is to send groups to Houston in a similar fashion beginning in the Fall. This allows UUCSJ to refine and strengthen the program for future groups. We hope you stay connected to CSJ through the interest form below to learn more in the coming months and join us in the future!

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