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Global Justice Summer Internship Reflection Guide


Photo Credit: The World We Want (feature image) | Chute Gerdeman

Through this internship you have the opportunity to build connections across and within cultures, enabling you to grow in your understanding of human rights issues while examining your roles in the struggle for justice. You will be active learners, respectful partners, and long-term advocates. Various organizations and initiatives across and outside the U.S. have offered to be hosts, teachers and guides.

As part of all of our programs, UUCSJ actively supports participants in learning to become more effective in countering oppressive systems. To facilitate this process for internship participants, throughout the summer UUCSJ will share a series of reflection prompts containing readings, quotes and multimedia. These prompts invite you to reflect upon core themes in social justice and how these themes impact both your life and the lives of the communities and organizations you work with.

You’re invited to keep the following questions in mind as you go through your internship:

  • How can you make sense of your experience as you go?
  • What does it mean to be an ally or advocate to the struggles you witness?
  • How can you be a more effective activist for justice when you come back home?

This reflective process will open you up to learning from people whose relation to race, class, culture, and place might be very different from your own. And in this learning, you can better define and strengthen your role in justice work.

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