A Third Place Community Foundation

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Growing healthy lives and neighborhoods on the northside through small acts of justice done with great love.


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Internship Description

Selected interns will be assisting with projects on food justice, environmental racism and other anti-oppression work such as voting disparities, community art, community gardening, and others affecting a high poverty low life expectancy area.

  • Special Skills Needed: None
  • Number of Intern Placements: 2
  • Internship Time Frame: Between June 5 and July 28, but flexible
Know BEFORE You Apply
A Third Place Community Foundation can offer semi-rough, missional-trip style lodging at their community center for no cost to the interns. In addition, there is a month-by-month small house (525 sq. ft, $425/month) option in the community where past ministers and others have stayed while working with us; utilities are extra and appliances will need to be arranged.


Having access to a car is helpful but not necessary; bicycle and bus fare will be provided by A Third Place Community Foundation. Alternatively, rides are often available with others, depending on where the selected interns live.


Interns are eligible for a stipend of no more than $1,500 from UUCSJ to assist with food, local public transit, and incidentals, depending on a variety of factors. Applicants are encouraged to seek other sources of funding, including grants from colleges and foundations, congregational support, and Faithify, or other crowd sourcing fundraisers.


Message from Rev. Ron Robinson: We loved our first summer internship; we are excited to continue developing it as we develop our site as a mission site for churches and groups and universities and individuals to come experience, learn, and grow with us; we work often with these institutions locally and from across the country and world. We are a place-based non-profit and a missional community, as opposed to a specific-niche non-profit, so we are adaptable to fitting the passions of the intern in with the many issues of justice that are alive in our place.


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Heather Vickery is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with UU congregations, State Action Networks, past UU College of Social Justice (UUCSJ) program participants, and regional staff in order to expand engagement in UUSC and UUCSJ’s work. As the Coordinator for Congregational Activism, she manages the workshop offerings and group visits to the UUSC/UUCSJ office and assists with communications for the Activism and Justice Education Team. Heather is an active member of the Boston Immigration Justice Accompaniment Network and a dedicated dog-mom to her rescue puppy Nova.

Heather may be contacted at hvickery@uucsj.org and 617-301-4303