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Insights from our RAICES Interns

This summer, two of our Global Justice Interns are working with RAICES. In the past few weeks, RAICES has been in the national spotlight for the work they have been doing to help reunite separated families. Thanks to a viral Facebook fundraiser, they have raised more...

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The Nuns I Always Wanted To Meet

“Do I call them ‘Sister?’” My co-worker and I were settling our things into our assigned room at the convent. The air was hot and muggy, something I felt acutely as I was still in that heightened state of awareness that you feel your first moments in a new land. I had technically been to Honduras before, but everything felt new. “I dunno,” my colleague answered (she had been raised Catholic as well). “It’s kinda weird one way or the other.”

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What is an immersion journey?

Journeys are:

  • a group of people traveling together to have a first-hand experience of both an injustice and the ways people affected are responding to the injustice.
  • a powerful learning experience: UUCSJ’s Study Guide offers a spiritually grounded framework for participants to work through questions of power and privilege before traveling.
  • designed to inspire and sustain action for social change. After this kind of boundary-crossing experience, we hope participants return home ready to take action!
Who can register?
  • Anyone interested in exploring the intersections of spirituality and social justice. You don’t have to be a Unitarian Universalist!
  • Open enrollment immersion journeys are open to high school aged youth, young adults (18-35), and adults of all ages
  • We also have journeys specifically for religious professionals.
What journeys can I go on as an individual?
  • Any journey listed as open enrollment on our calendar is designed for individuals rather than a congregational group.
  • We run open enrollment programs to the Arizona border, Houston, West Virginia, Nicaragua and New Orleans. We may also create other open enrollment programs in the future. Please view our calendar or contact us to learn more.
  • Individual participants are welcome to apply to join congregational journeys, but space is not guaranteed. Once we receive your application, we will ask the congregational leadership if they have space you.
Upcoming Open Enrollment Journeys
How much does it cost?

Prices for each participant will depend on the journey destination and duration. There is also generous financial aid available for each program based on need and given out on a first come first served basis. If you would like to be considered, please fill out the financial aid section on the appropriate registration form.


This trip reinforced how faith and community connection can sustain a person when faced with adversity and give one the strength to fight for justice.

Laura Wagner

Executive Director, UU Mass Action

For a brief moment in the fall of 2014 I had the eye-opening experience that was UUCSJ’s Border Witness program, in Arizona and Mexico. It wasn’t that immigration injustice had escaped my awareness until then, but rather that the enormity of the injustice was difficult to comprehend until I was at close range. That experience has stayed with me these two years since, during which the world has seen the most significant human migration in history.

Rev. Carolyn Patierno

Minister, All Souls New London

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