Spirit and Solidarity




UUCSJ offers several programs to explore avenues for solidarity with the people of Nicaragua.


Meet inspiring social movements and learn about climate change, human rights, feminism and more!

Current Programs

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Building Just Relationships

For Individuals

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Climate Justice for Theologians

For Congregations and Religious Leaders

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Voces del Campo

For Congregations

Why travel to Nicaragua?


Both U.S. intervention and international solidarity have had a profound impact in the history of Nicaragua. During the U.S.-funded Contra War in the 1980s, thousands of U.S. citizens visited the affected communities to show their support and bear witness, returning home inspired and motivated to end the war.

Today, U.S.-driven economic policies like the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) are ravaging the livelihoods of rural Nicaraguans.

As much as ever there is a need for our partnership, understanding, and vocal resistance.


Who can go on a journey to Nicaragua?


UUCSJ programs are open to participants from any background who are interested in exploring the connection between spirituality and social justice.

We can tailor a program specifically for your congregation; if your congregation or cluster is interested in organizing a delegation with us, please email

Delegations will be available beginning in 2017 and are approximately one week long, from Saturday to Saturday.


What are the upcoming trips to Nicaragua?

There are no upcoming programs scheduled at this time. Please come back later or inquire about setting your own program dates.

How much does a journey cost?


Building Just Relationships – $1,000 per person
Climate Justice for Theologians – $950 for clergy and $850 for seminary students
Voces del Campo – $950 per person
Exchanging Communities and Cultures – between $750 and $850 per person depending on how many days

Financial aid is available for up to 50% of program costs based on need and is awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Please fill out the financial aid request section of the program application.

For additional fundraising we recommend that participants use Faithify, the Unitarian Universalist crowd funding website, which can help either congregations or individuals raise money to cover their costs.


Check out this video from a previous trip to Nicaragua:

Resources for learning more about Nicaragua:

The History of Fair Trade Comic Cover

Fair Trade Comic

This graphic pamphlet from Equal Exchange explains some of the history and philosophy behind the Fair Trade movement.

Nicaragua: Living in the Shadow of the Eagle Cover

Living in the Shadow of the Eagle

We strongly recommend this highly readable book containing an important overview of Nicaragua’s history.

Envio Magazine Cover

Envio Magazine

Scan through the recent articles archived in Envio magazine; they offer good insight and analysis into political and human rights issues in Nicaragua today.

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