Religious Leaders


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Why programs for religious leaders?

  • UUCSJ tailors some of our justice programs specifically for clergy, seminary students and religious educators.
  • We do this in recognition that the voices of our religious leaders carry great power to galvanize our congregations and communities toward more effective and spiritually grounded action for justice.

What are these programs like?

  • UUCSJ programs for religious leaders offer powerful insights into some of the social justice issues that most trouble our congregations and our ministries.
  • They will bring you into direct conversation with the people most impacted by injustice; the communities and groups organizing effectively for change; and the resources you need in order to tackle the issues more effectively.
  • Because we travel in the company of others who seek to motivate new and effective action within our faith communities, we have a unique opportunity to learn from one another, and to pool our wisdom and inspiration for new strategies.

Can seminary students earn credit?

  • In most cases, our immersion programs earn seminary credit for students; in a few cases they are linked explicitly to specific seminary courses for such students.

How does financial aid work?

  • We have financial aid available on a needs basis, and provide both subsidies and travel stipends for full-time seminary students.

What programs does UUCSJ offer for religious leaders?

  • Here are the upcoming programs. See the icons below for more information about each program.

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