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UUCSJ partners with Fundación Entre Mujeres to offer journeys to Nicaragua focused on women’s rights.


Experience a week-long immersion that explores the strategies of empowerment rural women in Nicaragua are utilizing in their struggles for justice
Who is Fundación Entre Mujeres (FEM)?

FEM is a women’s NGO and social movement founded in 1995, based in and around Estelí in north central Nicaragua. Their mission is to promote empowerment of rural women through a variety of projects. They focus on advancing economic independence with an emphasis on land rights and food sovereignty; preventing violence against women; and promoting literacy as an avenue for empowerment.

FEM website:

What is this journey like?

Based in the region of Esteli, we will spend time working and learning with Fundación Entre Mujeres (FEM; Foundation Among Women), a grassroots organization and social movement dedicated to equality and autonomy for rural women in Nicaragua.

We will also spend some time in Managua learning from organizers and academics about the history of Nicaragua, the history of US imperialism in the region, and the current political situation in Nicaragua.

These program is designed to be a deep cultural and political exchange with incredible rural women of Nicaragua. Prepare yourself for a transformational and inspirational experience!

Past participants have returned with a strong desire to fight for justice in their communities, with a renewed focus on gender.

How can our congregation organize a journey to visit FEM?

We can tailor this program specifically for your congregation; if your congregation or cluster is interested in organizing a delegation with us to Nicaragua, please contact Chris Casuccio, Delegations will be available beginning in 2017 and are approximately one week long, from Saturday to Sunday.

How much does this journey cost?

Cost: $950 per person, not including airfare. Additional expenses may include passport application or renewal and vaccinations. UUCSJ is committed to making our programs accessible to all regardless of their financial situation.

Financial aid is available for up to 50% of program costs based on need and is awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Please fill out the financial aid request section of the program application.

For additional fundraising we recommend that participants use Faithify, the Unitarian Universalist crowd funding website, which can help individuals raise money to cover their costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to download our Frequently Asked Questions about this program.

Sample Itinerary

Click here to download a sample itinerary for this program.

Resources for the FEM Journey:

Living in the Shadow of the Eagle

We strongly recommend this highly readable book containing an important overview of Nicaragua’s history.


Harvest of Empire

A full-length film which offers an invaluable glance at the history of US imperialism in Latin America.

The Country Under My Skin

This memoir by Nicaraguan writer Gioconda Belli traces her sexual and political liberation from the time of the Nicaraguan revolution to her move to the United States.

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