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January 31, 2021 3-4:30PM – Community Action Circle with Aiken Unitarian Universalist Church: Please click here to register for this program.

We have a variety of programs created for our current pandmic and political reality. To explore scheduling one of these programs, please fill out our interest form, or send an email to

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Community Action Circles (CAC) serve as a way to practice gathering online to take collective action together as well as a training-by-doing for leaders of State Action Networks, congregations, and local accompaniment groups who are eager to experiment with new tools for helping community members feel connected and motivated to concrete actions from grassroots partners. 

This has been an iterative process that we have learned from other organizers and are eager to keep adapting for different groups’ needs, including youth groups, and groups working justice issues related to criminalization, immigration, and/ or climate justice. 

UUCSJ-designed workshops offer a supplemental coaching session, specifically for congregations, UU State Action Networks, and other groups wanting to deepen their connection to their faith and justice work. Current workshops include:

  • Faith in Action: Organizing Effective Justice Ministry Teams
  • Speaking Justice in the Language of our Faith
  • Saying Yes and Saying No


Social Justice Virtual Mural Tour

UUCSJ and ARTE (Art and Resistance Through Education) invite you on a Social Justice Mural Tour of NYC, including some of ARTE’s own work in East Harlem! During this interactive, participatory workshop, participants will: Discuss what constitutes public art and explore the intersection of public art and social justice; Understand the use of artivism (art + activism) as a tool of social justice; Spend time analyzing artwork by activists focusing on immigrant rights & mass incarceration; Leave with a better understanding of how public art can be used as a tool for activism in their own communities. Art and Resistance Through Education (ARTE) is a grassroots, community-based of New York that engages young people to amplify their voices and organize for human rights change through the visual arts.

For religious leaders, the concept of presence is key to how we understand our ministries. How we show up and how we give our attention to those who turn to us is one of the many new challenges arising from the physical distancing imposed by the coronavirus. As our in-person lives and ministries are transferred to a screen, we hope this experience will be both nurturing for participants, and will provide new ways to bring spiritual grounding to our on-line meetings, classes, worship services, and pastoral care. 

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