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At the UU College of Social Justice, all of our programs are built around immersion learning.

Why is this so important?

Immersion learning is what happens to us when we step outside of our comfort zones and allow the world to speak to us. It’s in the sudden awakening we feel when we cross boundaries of language or culture, race or country, with open minds and hearts. It’s when people whose lives are different from ours invite us into their homes, and we leave with the recognition that we are family.

Immersion learning brings us face to face with a part of the world’s reality we hadn’t known before. It makes us realize at a bone-deep level that we are not separate from others, no matter how far away they may live, and that their struggle for justice must be our own struggle as well.   

This is the kind of learning that sometimes quite literally changes our lives.

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As news of the  COVID-19 virus unfolds, we at the College of Social Justice are assessing next steps. While we are all in a state of uncertainty, we are acting with caution for the well-being of our participants, partners, staff, and most vulnerable community members.

With the guidance of the UUA, UUSC, and recommendations from the CDC, and in communication with our friends and partners, we have decided to postpone all CSJ in person programing (youth visits, journeys, etc) through May 2020. Those participants have been notified and we are grateful for the understanding, love, and support we have received in response.

These are the only programs that have been postponed for now, but things may change as we receive more information. We are also thinking of creative ways to bring more of our programming online and would love to hear ideas from you!

 We are all in community together and we are grateful for the ways in which you choose to show up, bear witness, and take action for the communities and partners we serve. Please be safe and if there is anything that we can do to be supportive of you, don’t hesitate to reach out.