Tools for Sanctuary & Solidarity


Wondering what your options are for effective action in this time of heightened hate, fear, and deportations? 

Photo from the New Sanctuary Movement of PhiladelphiaUUCSJ, UUSC, UUAUURISE and Side With Love are partnering to offer a range of tools and series of online workshops to help equip congregations, State Action Networks, and community activists to address the many escalating threats to human rights unleashed by the new administration.

See below for resources on how to get started, how to become a sanctuary congregation, and how you can act in solidarity in other ways.

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Love Resists is a joint campaign of the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee that is activating people of faith and conscience to resist the criminalization of our neighbors and communities and create a safer, more just, welcoming, and sustainable world.

Upcoming Sanctuary & Solidarity Events

Getting Started

Congregational Action Guide

Learn about ways in which you can pro-actively organize to support Sanctuary & Solidarity in your congregation and community.

UUA's Show the Love

Keep track of what other UUs are doing across the country and register any of your events.

Congregational Asset-Mapping

identify all the assets – human, physical, and financial – that your congregation might offer to grassroots groups organizing at this moment

Resources for Becoming a Sanctuary Congregation

Other Strategies for Solidarity

Recent Sanctuary and Solidarity Blog Posts

The Nuns I Always Wanted To Meet

The Nuns I Always Wanted To Meet

“Do I call them ‘Sister?’” My co-worker and I were settling our things into our assigned room at the convent. The air was hot and muggy, something I felt acutely as I was still in that heightened state of awareness that you feel your first moments in a new land. I had technically been to Honduras before, but everything felt new. “I dunno,” my colleague answered (she had been raised Catholic as well). “It’s kinda weird one way or the other.”

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