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The UU College of Social Justice was jointly founded in the summer of 2012 by the UUA and UUSC, so this year we are celebrating a big anniversary. We are grateful for all of our alumni and supporters who have made our work possible! In honor of of all of you and our...

Solidarity with First Nations Resources


We have two resources for groups and individuals who want to learn more about being in solidarity with First Peoples. 

1.) First Nations Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to support congregations and communities interested in developing right relations with First Nations, especially in supporting  specific struggles such as the 2016 efforts to block the pipeline at Standing Rock in North Dakota. Click here to be directed to the toolkit.

2.) Four- Session Discussion Guide: Solidarity with First Peoples

indigenous-peoples-historyPrimary Text:
An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States,
by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz


In the spring of 2015, UUCSJ ran our pilot program to the Pacific Northwest, “Solidarity With Original Nations and Peoples”. In collaboration with the Lummi Nation, this program immersed participants in Lummi history and culture, framed within the larger history of devastation of First Nations that is at the core of our nation’s founding. An essential element in this pilot program was the opportunity to learn about the Lummi Nation’s current leadership in the struggle to protect land, air and water from the ravages of the extraction industry.

A central reason to learn about the history and current struggles of First Nations is to help non-Native people learn to work in solidarity toward a new and more just future. This is particularly urgent within the context of climate change and our own yearning to become solid, effective allies to frontline communities as we all confront this global challenge.

The resources on this page have been developed for two purposes: to assist those returning from a UUCSJ program in sharing what they’ve learned with their communities; and to assist those who are not connected to our programs (yet!) but who want to explore with others the history and current reality of North American First Nations. For those who also wish to deepen this learning in the context of climate justice, we invite you to use the resources on our Climate Justice page as well.


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As news of the  COVID-19 virus unfolds, we at the College of Social Justice are assessing next steps. While we are all in a state of uncertainty, we are acting with caution for the well-being of our participants, partners, staff, and most vulnerable community members.

With the guidance of the UUA, UUSC, and recommendations from the CDC, and in communication with our friends and partners, we have decided to postpone all CSJ in person programing (youth visits, journeys, etc) through May 2020. Those participants have been notified and we are grateful for the understanding, love, and support we have received in response.

These are the only programs that have been postponed for now, but things may change as we receive more information. We are also thinking of creative ways to bring more of our programming online and would love to hear ideas from you!

 We are all in community together and we are grateful for the ways in which you choose to show up, bear witness, and take action for the communities and partners we serve. Please be safe and if there is anything that we can do to be supportive of you, don’t hesitate to reach out.