Current Opportunities

Dottie Mathews Congregation Action Fund
Experiential Internship Equity Fund
Stanfield Law Scholarships
Sabbatical Fund for Religious Professionals
Skilled Volunteer Program Fund

The Dottie Mathews Congregation Action Fund offers matching grants of up to $5,000 for groups welcoming new guests through the Community Accompaniment Project With Asylum-Seekers (CAPAS). These grants are intended to assist groups in raising the funds needed to host asylum-seekers and can be used by CAPAS groups in any way they see fit to support their local CAPAS program for things like housing, clothing, food, medical expenses, ESL courses, cash stipends for the asylum-seeking guest, transportation, and more. For more information about CAPAS, visit

The goal of the UUCSJ Experiential Internship Equity Fund is to support experiential learning opportunities in support of faithful justice organizing. We will provide direct support as well as financial resources to UU-affiliated organizations interested in hosting learning interns but who don’t have the budget to pay a fair wage. Too often, we’ve seen organizations offer low or unpaid internships, often placing the learning opportunity out of reach for all but the most advantaged. UUCSJ believes, despite the temporary staffing nature of interns, they too deserve a fair wage. To that end, UUCSJ is offering partners funding of up to $1,000 a month per intern/ for up to 3 months per calendar year. Visit to learn more and complete an application. 

The Otto M. Stanfield Law Scholarship was established by Marion Barr Stanfield in memory of her husband. The Otto M. Stanfield Law Scholarship is available to Unitarian Universalist students entering or attending law school at the graduate level. Pre-law or political science majors are not eligible.

The deadline for the 2024-2025 academic year is Wednesday, July 31, 2024

More Information

Mrs. Stanfield stated that the Stanfield Scholarship committee should take into consideration, “Not only the intellectual attainments and potentialities of the beneficiaries but that they consider whether in character and constructive spiritual philosophy the beneficiaries are most likely to use their legal training and their training in art for the betterment of humankind.”

The amount and number of scholarships awarded may vary each year.

Criteria for scholarship recipients include:

  • Enrollment in an accredited institution
  • Active relationship with Unitarian Universalism
  • Deep connection and commitment to justice work

The recipient of each scholarship will be a person whom the committee believes will promote Unitarian Universalist values through their justice work in the larger world.

Application Process

The application consists of three sections: a five-page (max) narrative, experience description, and letters of recommendation.

The deadline for the 2024-2025 academic year is July 31, 2024. Scholarship recipients will be notified by mid-August 2024 for the 2024-2025 academic year beginning in August/ September 2024. The amount and number of scholarships awarded may vary each year. 

If you have any questions about the process, please contact

In loving memory of the Rev. Dr. Hope Johnson, UUSC has established a sabbatical fund to provide support to progressive religious professionals interested in deepening their learning and engagement in social justice and human rights. Candidates can commit to new work, return to projects they’ve put on hold, or take a rest from existing justice work. This Fund offers spaciousness to deepen understanding and practice of equity, justice, and human rights on their justice ministry. Funding awards are $5,000–$10,000 grants to support your human dignity and well-being in these efforts. For more information, visit

The UUCSJ Skilled Volunteer Program is a spiritually grounded and justice centered program designed to be a powerful opportunity for individuals who are willing to lend their time, compassion, and skills to leave a meaningful impact with grassroots organizations across the country, while also providing a framework to help volunteers deepen their understanding of systems of injustice and reflecting on one’s personal connection to justice work. 

UUCSJ is delighted to offer a small stipend of up to $595 to individuals who have volunteer opportunities with grassroots organizations already lined up. As we continue to unpack how equity and accessibility impacts justice work, UUCSJ is striving to help make skilled volunteering more accessible to a broader community. If you have any questions, feel free to contact

Eligibility Requests
Eligibility requests:
  • The stipend is only available to individuals once per year
  • Funding will not be distributed until the volunteer has a set volunteer date
  • Volunteers must be placed in skilled volunteer roles – ones that utilize an individual’s personal or professional skill set in service to an organization’s mission
  • Volunteer roles must be more than a one-time/ one-day event
Payments are distributed either via direct deposit or mailed check. After approval it may take up to three weeks to receive the stipend payment. Unfortunately, UUCSJ cannot distribute money through cash apps like Venmo or PayPal.
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