Justice Workshops

UUCSJ offers justice workshops to congregations, UU State Action Networks, and other groups that want to strengthen and expand their justice work. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not currently offering in-person workshops, but have adjusted our offerings to be shared online through the Zoom platform. Each online workshop is between 60 and 90 minutes and will be followed up with at least one coaching call with your group.

To learn more, email Heather Vickery, Coordinator for Congregational Activism, at hvickery@uucsj.org

In a political climate hostile to human rights, environmental protection, and even to the truth, we want to show up and speak out in ways that will make a difference. This workshop explores how we can better organize ourselves in order to harness the power at the intersection of faith and justice.

Who Is This For: Groups from congregations, social justice committee leaders in a church, ministers and DREs. Anyone who sees that the work their church does could be deeper and more effective but who needs help organizing the folks in their church in a way that changes how that work is done.

Goal: Give a framework that helps the church know what their work is, make sure that the work is done in an effective anti-oppressive manner, and firmly root the work in Unitarian Universalism and the mission/vision of the church.

In today’s charged political climate, progressive communities of faith have a unique opportunity to elevate fundamental values that cut across many political differences. But to do this well, we need to be comfortable speaking in language deeply grounded in those values. This workshop introduces practices that help us articulate our justice concerns in the values of our faith.

Who Is This For: Unitarian Universalists who do public facing justice work. People who want to bring their faith into the public sphere but aren’t practiced in speaking in those terms.

Goal: Help people get connected to their deepest values, get a better grasp on how to talk about the 7 principles, and then use that knowledge to practice speaking about justice issues in those terms.

At a time when so much of what we value is under attack, it’s hard to know how best to channel our time and energy. We often try to do it all, and as a result our efforts end up being “a mile wide and an inch deep”. This workshop is built around a centering and discernment practice that helps us say “no” in order to empower our “yes”.

Who Is This For: Anyone doing justice work who needs help discerning what their work is and what is not theirs to do. Especially helpful for activists who feel that their work is too dispersed, who are overwhelmed with work, and want to be more focused and impactful.

Goal: Help people see that saying no to some things helps you do deeper, better work on the issues you say yes to, that we all have work to do that combines our passions and our skills.

How much do workshops cost?

We have a sliding scale cost structure for workshops. Our suggested donation is $250, also if our staff or program leaders need to travel to deliver the workshop, we ask that you also cover their lodging costs. If your group has trouble meeting these costs, we may be able to deliver the workshop for little to no cost.

Who will give the workshop?

Staff from UUCSJ or UUSC and/or one of our program leaders will deliver the workshop. To learn more about them, click on the hyperlinks.

How many people do we need to have at a workshop?

Generally, we ask that you commit to having at least 25 people at a live workshop. For virtual workshops, we CAP participants at 20 in order to engage all participants in the medium. Depending on which workshop you would like us to deliver, we may also ask that you do your best to include certain people in that group, like board members, social justice team members, etc.

How do I schedule a workshop?

Contact Heather Vickery, Coordinator for Congregational Activism, at hvickery@uucsj.org

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