UUCSJ will not be holding its Global Justice Summer Internship program for the upcoming summer.

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The UU College of Social Justice offered summer internships for young adults ages 18 to 24 who who wish to deepen their engagement with social justice and discover new ways to put their faith into action. Our goal was to offer young adults a first-hand experience of grassroots justice work within a framework of spiritual grounding.

UUCSJ Summer Intern Testimonials

Even though I was so far away from anything familiar, the presentations on how climate change is impacting the water levels, housing, and fishing in Louisiana reminded me of how climate change is affecting people at home in Brooklyn. Learning and listening from indigenous folks that day sparked my inspiration to study with other indigenous people around the world.

Alison, 2018 Intern, CELSJR

The most meaningful thing about my experience was seeing all of the things that happen behind the scenes in order to make social justice work successful.

Julia, 2018 Intern, UUCSJ

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