The UU College of Social Justice is committed to working with partners within the U.S. and abroad in a way that acknowledges their expertise and empowers them in their justice work. The United States has an unfortunate history of cultural colonialism and imperialism, often assuming that “the American way” is the best way. In order to counteract this legacy, to prepare for our programs we recommend participants utilize our study guides, as well as any additional research, to educate themselves on the work of our partners along with the injustices they face.

The self-guided learning and reflection guides below are designed to help deepen ones understanding of different justice issues. They can be utilized in group settings; however, individual use is also welcomed.

This study guide is the learning framework we use in all of our journeys, and it is intended to help participants better understand themselves and the people they’ll be meeting during their experience.

This guide provides a framework to engage with resources already developed by communities and activists directly impacted by criminalization and who are leading the struggle to end it.

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