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Journeys take participants on boundary-crossing experiences to witness & learn about widespread injustices from impacted individuals and communities

People are the experts of their own lives and we have much to learn from the glimpses into their experience they offer us on our immersion learning journeys. When we are immersed in relationships and experiences that allow us to hear people’s stories first hand, when we directly encounter their struggles and victories, and when we share collective experiences and our common aspirations for justice, we have not simply learned something — we can also become transformed in the process.

Journeys are open to anyone of any religious affiliation (or none at all) interested in exploring the intersections of spirituality and social justice issues. We offer journeys specifically tailored for youth between 14 and 18 years old, adults of all ages, and religious professionals.

No two journeys are the same – Journeys are customized based on age (youth and adults) and experience of participants.

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