Unit 4 Destination Reflection 1: Hurricane Sandy

Please check out this map, made available by Climate Central, which shows projected sea level rises in the United States as a result of climate change. You can click on your home state, if it is on the ocean, or search for your home city by zipcode. You can then see the projected sea level change for where you live, and can interact with the map to compare the before and after effects of climate change.


  • How is your home town/region likely to be affected by climate change, according to these data?
  • How are surrounding communities/areas likely to be affected? What neighborhoods or areas seem to be at particular risk?
  • Do you see parts of your home state/city that are already marginalized or disadvantaged that will be further affected by climate change?
  • What feelings does this exercise bring up for you?

[print_link] Please note that there are external links to videos, articles, and other resources that you will need internet access for.

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