Nicaragua: Fair Trade & Environmental Justice

In partnership with Equal Exchange, UUCSJ’s newest immersion learning program will explore the meaning of international solidarity today. Over the course of eight days we will learn from members of an Equal Exchange coffee cooperative and meet many others: urban factory workers organizing to improve working conditions, women’s groups united to create their own livelihoods, and rural communities organizing for sustainable development. Find out why not all fair trade is equally “fair,” and why UUSC and congregations across denominations have worked with Equal Exchange for many years to source our coffee and other goods in a way that truly benefits small farmers.
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Solidarity with Original Nations and Peoples

Join us for a week intensive in understanding the past, present, and future of a sovereign People through engagement with Lummi Nation in Northwest Washington State.  We will begin by grounding ourselves in an understanding of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, and the Laws, Acts and Policies’ harmful dominating effects of that doctrine that underlie current realities.  Through excursions, interdisciplinary activities, cross-cultural experiences, and dialogue with Lummi leaders and department staff, we will gain an understanding of how their Nation’s government, and traditional culture endures.

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BorderLinks: Immigration Justice Program

Human rights are at stake on the U.S.-Mexico border, and a BorderLinks trip is your chance to delve into various on-the-ground aspects of immigration. Through education, partner meetings, service opportunities, and theological reflection, you will explore immigration through a program designed by BorderLinks. Return home informed and inspired to be a leader for immigration justice.
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Haiti: Beyond Just Recovery

On this weeklong trip, participants will learn firsthand about the impacts of climate change on the global south, the environmental damage caused by decades of colonial exploitation, and the leadership of rural peasant movements in advancing climate justice and global sustainability.  We will work with members of the Papaye Peasant Movement (MPP) on “agroecology” projects such as building tire gardens, making natural insecticides, and helping in the seed nursery.
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Congregational and Youth Group Journeys

Congregational: When a group travels together from a single congregation, members have the benefit of returning home with others who have all shared in the same powerful experience. The process deepens learning, spiritual reflection, and solidarity with our partners. And the collective experience also makes it easier to share the rewards of the journey with the rest of the congregation.
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Youth-Group: Building on our experience of running congregational journeys for adults, these programs are designed to be a powerful opportunity for youth groups to engage in experiential learning and service, while also growing a stronger foundation for the group.
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Programs for Spiritual Leaders

Ministers and DREs hold unique positions of leadership throughout denominational life. Whether in parish or community settings, our religious leaders are acutely aware of the changing landscape of religious life, and the resulting need for our own continued growth as community leaders. Our diverse ministries all benefit when we strengthen ourselves in multicultural competence, and find new ways to challenge structural injustice through our religious values and the insight gained in spiritual practices.

Accordingly, the College of Social Justice has developed several programs for religious leaders, both in groups and as individuals.