Unit 3 Destination Discussion - India

In the article from the New York Times, you read about the caste-driven attack against Sardar Singh Jatav. the author writes about such attacks, 

“It is violece intended to send a message, pain inflicted to maintain India’s old sicial order. The crimes are happening across the country and Dalits are not simply killed: they are humiliated, tortured, disfigured, destroyed.

‘We have a mental illness,’ said Avatthi Ramaiah, a sociology professor in Mumbai.

‘You may talk about India being aworld power, a global power, sending satelites into space,’ he said. ‘But the outside world has an image of India they don’t know. As long as Hinduism is strong, caste will be strong, and as long as there is caste, there will be lower caste,’ he added.”

What responses or reflections does this quote evoke in you?

How does the article complicate or enhance your understanding of Hinduism?

What new questions does it lead you to ask?

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