GROW Climate Justice

Power Shift '09, ©Robert vanWaarden

Grounded and Resilient Organizer’s Workshop

GROW Climate Justice, the Grounded & Resilient Organizers’ Workshop, is an intensive five-day training on spiritually grounded climate justice activism for young adults. It is designed to give young activists some of the skills, practices, spiritual grounding and relationships that will help them do the work of climate justice for the long haul.

UUCSJ has created GROW Climate Justice as part of the Commit2Respond initiative of our faith communities. The Workshop helps participants advance their skills for effective strategy and tactics, as well as provide the support to grapple with the emotional and spiritual challenge of “fighting for love in the age of extinction.”  This workshop includes tried and true training practices, but we also have faith in the power of  bringing passionate people together with incredible leaders and giving them the time to deeply connect.

An Invitation from Tim DeChristopher


There aren’t any GROW Climate Justice trainings scheduled currently. If you are interested in participating in future trainings, please let us know here!