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Losing Our Chains

Losing Our Chains

Losing Our Chains has been reposted with permission from Blue Boat. You can find the original posting here. Aisha Ansano is a candidate for Unitarian Universalist ministry, and serves as a ministerial intern at First Church in Boston, MA. Aisha is passionate about...


Join us for GROW 2021, the Grounded & Resilient Organizers Workshop Fellowship!


GROW 2016 DiscussionWe are in hard, hard times. The fires of justice are burning all around us. We feel the rage, grief, and possibilities as the past year has thrown us all in a loop. Our movements are having to respond to so many attacks at the same time, amidst the challenges of the current pandemic, and the beginning of a new administration. Now is the time to root down and skill up.

Join us as a GROW Fellow to help our movements respond. GROW Fellowship will be held from the New Moon in March through August 2021. Building upon our previous GROW/Thrive/Shift programs beginning in 2015, it will equip UU (and UU adjacent!) young adults of color and white young adults with the skills, spiritual grounding, and community to engage in justice work within and beyond our Unitarian Universalist faith. 

Organized around the rhythm of each moon cycle, we’ll gather weekly on Monday nights as our primary touchpoint for a shared space we call “justice workouts” where we’ll build our connections with one another, commit to practices of nourishment for our spirits, while exploring themes such as governance, time, conflict, imagination and economy/ecology in the context of transformative organizing and justice movements. Once per moon cycle, we’ll also meet in racial identity caucus spaces to support one another in the work that is ours to do rooted in the lived experiences that have shaped our lives. GROW Fellows will receive care packages, tangible and digital, that will include offerings for learning, nourishment, reflection and action. A modest stipend will be available for those who are accepted into the program and who commit to a shared level of participation, averaging attendance at 75% of our group gatherings. More details will be available as we review your applications.

GROW 2020 TeamGROW Fellowship is a partnership between the UU College of Social Justice and UUA’s Thrive program for young adults of color.


We are drawing inspiration from cycles of the earth as we GROW together. The program will begin with a soft launch near the New Moon in March, about half-way through the month. It will conclude after the New Moon in August.

We are accepting applications from young adults who identify as Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color for participation in the Thrive cohort, as well as young adults who identify as white the Shift cohort. We will review these applications on a rolling basis through February 15th, or until all slots are filled. We will follow up with all applicants by February 28th and begin our weekly justice workouts on Monday, March 15th, continuing to meet Mondays at 8pm EST for the duration of the program. 

Please email if you have any questions.

This program is open to all alums of GROW / Thrive / Shift, as well as young adults (ages 18-35) seeking to commit to a spiritually-grounded community of praxis for these times. This offering is hosted by Unitarian Universalist institutions and open to all participants who are excited about integrating spirituality into your work for justice and liberation.

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