Unit 4 Destination Discussion – India

Advance preparation: Participants should view the film India Untouched.

If you prefer, schedule this Learning Circle with enough time to view the film together (1:45 for the film, and 30-45 minutes for conversation


  1. What did you find particularly surprising or troubling in the film?
  2. What new questions arise for you that you’d like to explore, either in your continuing preparation for your journey or while you are with our partners in India?
  3. When you listened to some of the rationale for “untouchability” from the people being interviewed, did you hear any parallels with statements you have heard in our own country concerning people who may be marginalized by our own systems?
  4. What elements of internalized oppression did you hear expressed by members of the Dalit community who were interviewed? Are there parallels to statements you’ve heard from people in our own country who have experienced oppression?
  5. As you watched the film, did you witness signs of hope and/or change for the situation of the Dalits?

[print_link] Please note that there are external links to videos, articles, and other resources that you will need internet access for.

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