Global Poverty

Most of us know that there is huge income inequality throughout the world: in fact, things are so skewed that the bottom half of the world’s people survives on just three percent of global household income. Philosopher Thomas Pogge argues that this situation represents a gross violation of human rights — and that we will resolve the worst of the world’s poverty only when we come to view it through the same lens with which we view slavery: intolerable. Read this excerpt from “The Past, Present and Future of Global Poverty (PDF)”, an interview with Pogge.


Open your journal and capture your reflections in response to this interview with Thomas Pogge. Consider these questions:

  • What surprised you in Pogge’s perspective? What disturbed or distressed you?
  • Do you agree with Pogge’s assertion that each of us bears some responsibility for the current distribution of wealth? Why or why not?
  • What insights or new thoughts from this article might affect the way you approach your program with UUCSJ?
Take a Break!

Listen to Susan Werner’s song, “Help Somebody” from her album Gospel Truth, sung here in concert.

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