We first undertook creation of the  UUCSJ Study Guide in January 2013. It was designed from the beginning as an on-line resource that could sustain indefinite expansion and improvement as our destinations change, our programs expand and our learning deepens. We are profoundly grateful for the wisdom, dedication and countless hours that many people have devoted to making our vision of this resource into a reality.

In particular, we want to acknowledge and thank the original design team, convened through the Fahs Collaborative of Meadville Lombard Theological School for nine months in early 2013:

  • Rev. Kathleen McTigue, Director, UU College of Social Justice
  • Dr. Mark Hicks, Angus MacLean Professor of  Religious Education, Meadville Lombard
  • Quo Vadis Breaux, Director emerita of the Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal, New Orleans
  • Rev. Julia Hamilton, Senior Minister, Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara
  • Jenn McAdoo, accredited Religious Education Director and consultant

We are deeply grateful for the generous sharing and encouragement we received from the American Jewish World Service (AJWS), who gave us access to their excellent materials originally designed to support volunteers in long-term placements in India.

Further development, consultation and writing were contributed in 2013-14 by three UUCSJ Program Leaders:

  • Charis Boke, PhD. candidate in anthropology at Cornell University
  • Kay Hubbard, international education consultant
  • Jorge Espinal, candidate for UU ministry

In 2014-15, extensive destination-specific material was created by Josh Leach during a UUCSJ Field Placement as part of his MDiv. studies at Harvard Divinity School.

In 2016-17, UUCSJ Program Leader and candidate for UU ministry Julica Hermann de la Fuente conducted a thorough review of the Study Guide to ensure it reflected an inclusive racial justice lens and a more coherent framework for crossing boundaries. Julica contributed extensive edits and original material. 

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