Unit 5 Destination Reflection - Haiti

Please read “5 Steps to Cool the Planet and Feed It’s People”. It is a handout about the connection between Food Sovereignty and Climate Change.

Questions for reflection:

  1. Does this reading change your understanding of global warming and climate justice? If so, how?
  2. Though the information in the article is not specific to Haiti, how might it be relevant to our trip? 
  3. What are examples of “false solutions” mentioned in the last section? How can we distinguish between these false solutions and real, substantive changes when they are presented to us? 
  4. As people who primarily participate in the food system as consumers, what do we take from this article that can influence our actions?

Take a Break!

Listen to this recording by Brett Dennen, “Make You Crazy” (one good articulation of how we feel in the face of so much that’s wrong in the world — sometimes it helps just to say it!).


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