Unit 3 Destination Reflection - Guardians of the River & FEM

Advance Reading: Members of the group should read Pamela Brubaker’s “Reforming Global Economic Policies,” from Justice in a Global Economy, Brubaker et al.

Discussion: Please have someone from your group read this quotation, which was used as the epigraph for the Brubaker essay.

“The spirituality of life, which is basic to our Christian faith, is intrinsically at odds with prevailing political-economic arrangements and policies that are creating and exacerbating human suffering. Therefore, we believe that nothing less than a fundamental shift in political-economic paradigms is necessary for humankind to become instruments of God in striving for the vision of just, participatory and sustainable communities.”

When we consider the Purposes and Principles that articulate our own Unitarian Universalism, we can also imagine an imperative “therefore” statement that might begin, “The inherent preciousness of life, which is basic to our faith….” Using your own language of spirituality, how would you write a statement like the one above?

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